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One of several styles of drum n bass. Also known as Dark or Deep. These sounds are are hard hitting mechanical drum sounds combined with evil futuristic beats. This style started in 1996 in London by artists such as Ed Rush & Optical,
Decoder,Future Cut, Tech Itch to name a few. Virusrecs and Renegade Hardware are the most signifigant labels of the genre.
"Man! "Ed Rush & Optical were spinning some evil ass TECHSTEP beats at the Concrete Jungle!"
by Jenny'sUncleSteven. March 17, 2005
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The technology behind tech advancements rather than the tech itself. In order to create advanced tech items, you have to have the underlying tech first.
This construct is about seven TechSteps above us.
The technology: Machine Guns The TechStep: Fully contained cartridges
Until the TechStep of Nuclear Fusion is realized, humankind will be dependent on rocket tech.
by CryHavoc February 24, 2019
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