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TA storage is a gamer nerd whose real name is Alex. He lives in San Francisco, California, and was born in May in 1991. He claims to know a lot about computers, but can't prove it and makes constant references to OutKast and Weird Al Yankovic. He spams constantly on the Tests forum at eCritters. He was recently mistaken for a black kid named Keenan, to which he responded, "I'm not KEENAN you perverted dopes! That's a black name. I'm not black." Also uses the name weirdal28 and is known for dissing his other accounts to keep people from guessing that the 5 other people in the topic arguing are all actually him. Adores Cpheoix and meer'kitty.
Random eC user: Don't pull a TA storage and anti-mature for no reason
by Keenan the Baller May 07, 2008
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