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A scale used to find the measurement of how attractive a girl is based upon the 4 T's. Which are Tight, Tone, Tan, Titties. Once upon identifying the girl you would choose the correct T's that Apply.

Exceptions for Black people. Who are beyond Tan.
Guy: Hey man you see that fine girl over there?
You: Hell yeah, how many T's on the T-Scale do you think she has?
Guy: I would say probably 3, Tight, Tone, and Titties

Jesus Christ that girl that has all 4 T's over there could pull off a Zorro on me and I would enjoy it!

See that girl drinking that Kitty Drank over there, she has to have at least 3 T's with that body.
by Zach-George-Chad March 23, 2011
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A famous women rating system. The scale goes as follows:

The selected women is rated on five different features:

1. Face

2. Breasts

3. Body Frame

4. Butt

5. Legs

A maximum and minimum of zero to two points can be given for each feature. At the end you count every physical flaw the person has such as acne, large nose anything that makes them a little undesirable, and subtract it from the number. At the end you will have your 1-10 rating.

This system is strictly physical appearance only and cannot be counted towards the persons personality. Points for generosity may be given at the discretion of the rater.
Dude 1: "Hey look at Maria, what would you rate her on the T-Scale?"

Dude 2: "Well her face is a two, boobs a two, ass a two, frame a two, and legs definitely a two."

Dude 1: "So you think she's a ten?"

Dude 2: "No her face is good but she has a little acne, and I'm not too much a fan of her hair, and her ass is good but a little flat.... so minus 3.

Dude 1: "So you say she's a 7, that sounds right."
by tyev13 December 30, 2011
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