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A phrase associated with a lack of or complete disregard for the basic fundamental elements in Hip hop. T-Pain is single handily, or at least 90% responsible for any crap music falsely perceived as a form of hip hop by followers who claim to worship hip hop. On the contrary, these victims are brain-washed into believing that a three minute hook, simple lyrics, simulated techno, and a studio programmed voice is even minutely comparable to hip hop. And you can't argue that T-Pain combines a mixture of rap and r&b because he can't spit any real sh!t and his voice sounds like he swallowed a razor.
T-Painism allows shity artists to believe they can get a record deal and imitate hip hop while real artist like Nas has to dedicate an entire album over some bull shit.

Imagine a 10 year old kid in a million dollar lab recording his voice while pretending he has any more talent than in the shower. TRUST ME, YOU HAVE MORE TALENT.
by gigitygigity5146 August 28, 2009
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