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adj. - This is a term used to describe a band girl that mainly plays a wind instrument, however, she blows "other things" very well. She is addicted to sex just as much as she is committed to her music. They love to use their instruments on their partners in bed, but it is highly unlikely that they would admit to this due to it being frowned upon by their conductors and result in bringing about shame and disgust reflecting on the entire band. Symphos are known for giving the best, most unbelievable head, but because this type of girl is very rare to come across, most guys will refuse it knowing that head from any other girl will feel downright unpleasurable.
Holly: "Why haven't the fireworks started? The symphony ended ten minutes ago."
Cal: "There must be a sympho in the band."
Larry: "Man I got head from a symphomaniac once, let me tell you that is simply the best feeling in the world!"
by HeadPoolieInCharge July 11, 2010
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