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Symantha is a rather interesting character. Normally will be called sym, sam, sammich, symba, never sammy because she thinks that's a stripper name and she's classy not trashy. Symantha's are sexy as fuck with an amazing badonka donk. She loves her friends more than anything in the world. Can be very shy around new people, but once warmed up to them she's a damn good time. They are usually very pretty with a badas personality. She can be the funniest person you ever meet or the biggest bitch if you piss her off. Cares more about other peoples problems than her own and can sometimes get attached way too easily. Occasionally will be fixing a car seat and get hit in the face by it. She loves to make people laugh and do random shit. Also, can talk a lot because that's just who she is. Learns from situations that she fucked up in, but she checks herself before she wrecks herself. She has an innocent looking face but that's no where close to her. Symantha's tend to have a lot of blonde moments even when her natural hair color is nowhere near that. Her eyes look like the blue in the sky making you want bang her right then and there. Sometimes will say dayum a lot and is naturally attracted to shit heads. Overall, a symantha is one girl to die for is you are able to bring out the true her.
"Damn, would I like a slice of that Symanthaa!"

"Did you ever see Symanthaa? She's one hot piece of booty "
by Sexilicous symba December 16, 2012
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