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(sylissa, pronunciation; sill-iss-uh)

1. A colloquial term for someone who is a slippery bugger—generally of the female persuasion—who uses any means to get her ends. A Sylissa is usually highly attractive and not above exploiting the power she has over other people because of this—be they male or female. She is highly intelligent and doesn't always bother to hide her sociopathy, believing people to be too foolish and unobservant to realise that they are being manipulated. In most cases this is a true belief, due to the fact that she is a true Master at what she does. She is very creative and not scared to play the long game. Sylissa's tend to have a darkness inside that scares even themselves upon occasion.

2. A woman hated by those around her for no apparent reason. A cursed being.

3. A colloquial middle-class (brit.) term for a serpent—or indeed a person with serpent like qualities.


(sylissious, pronunciation; sill-iss-ee-us)

4. A single term that refers to the idea 'abyssus abyssum invocat' ('Hell begets/invokes Hell', or, 'deep calls to deep') and is usually used to describe a persons questionable (from a moral point of view) attitude or actions.

5. Has been known to colloquially replace the the word 'salacious' or 'prurient' in speech.
1. person one: "How did your date with that Mary chick go?"
person two: "It was going fine until I started to get the feeling that she might be a sylissa."

3. "I bought her a sweet little sylissa as a birthday gift."

4. 'She was a sylissious woman, but they didn't let that bother them.'

5. 'No matter how hard he tried he failed to beat back thoughts that many would consider sylissious and improper.'
by AN-MORRIGAN January 05, 2012
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