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Where most of the less fortunate people of Cape Breton lives. There's a bright happy side, which would be downtown Sydney which includes Chartlette Street and all its fancy stores and classy looking buildings. Then you have the slums, which people often call the Northend. The potheads and druggies live here, selling crack to kids and wasting their lives getting high all day.

The wannabe gangster teenagers live by the Hospital in Sydney, struttin around with their PNB, TAPOUT and EckoRed clothes with gold or silver Walmart chains. They all think they are better and shouldn't have to please anyone but themselves and the other wannabe badasses. They say "bi" in all their sentences and they talk like they're proud of being uneducated, since going to school is uncool. Girls in these areas are often whores, sleeping with any guy that gives them any amount of attention. They dress sleezy, usually cheap clothes from Urban Outfitters or Sirens and they like to think they're tough because they talk with an irritable accents as if they are more gangster then their male counterparts.

Also, everyone in Sydney listens to Eminem, Biggie and Tupac. Them rappers' music heavily influences everyone, often making teenagers to believe what they rap about and do in their music videos is reality.

Rolling decent joints is considered a very good talent to have and if you are 19+ ... you're everyone's bestfriend because you have the ability to purchase liquer.
Curtis : Bi, I need a fucking dart!
Justin : Fuck it man, let's roll a dube!
Curtis : Aight bro, pump the tunes!

Gotta love Sydney, NS..
by daREALbitch March 22, 2011
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