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Sex Position, invented by kangaroos in the Land Down Under. You Have a partner receiving anal sex and having the mouth stuffed with another dick. The person giving the anal sex is in turn also receiving anal sex. Everybody participating must stand at different levels and angles thus looking like the Sydney Opera house. Bonus points if you have opera music in the background.
Bro 1:Hey man did you go to the orgy party at Steph's on Saturday?
Bro 2: Yea man Me and 3 other guys did the Sydney Opera House on that Hoe.
Bro 1: Hell yea bro.... wait a minute what guy analed the other guy?
Bro 2:.....
by tonyyayo4492 October 05, 2011
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Much like the infamous "Eiffel Tower" sex position, the Sydney Opera House is similar, but incorporates an additional woman in the center facing the other while the two hook up. This position offers a wider base and more stability for the two bros on either end.
Bro 1: What'd you guys do last night?

Bro 2: We were at a party and got Kylie and Allegra drunk and Sydney Opera House'd those bitches!

Bro 1: No way bro!
by Gingerous Maximus November 25, 2011
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