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Sydney Duncan is a beautiful woman. Perfect in everyway, with a gorgeous body. Desired by many but only has one true one and only. And when she finds him he's one lucky guy. Sydney's love is like no other. She's shy at first so you have to be easy and give lots of caring effort and she will come around. You'll she her constantly smile when she sees you, her brown beautiful eyes light up when she calls your name. And when you walk into a crowded room you're the first she sees. You're lucky man. She'll make you happy when you're upset. And giddy when you're happy. She'll love you endlessly. And always stand by your side willin to do anything for you. She's a keeper. When Sydney Duncan comes into your life it'll change. She's the best girl in the world. She'll cuddle all day, go for walks, or out to dinner. She's really up for anything. And that's perfect. And she's always there for you. She'll lay awake with you for hours if you need it. Or cuddle you to sleep with deeply upset. She'll hold you close. Sydney Duncan truly is a goddess, gorgeous from head to toe. Perfect in every sense of the word. And she's a pinnacle of beauty. You will know Sydney Duncan when you see her.
Guy#1 "Yo dude you here JJ's dating Sydney Duncan right?"

Guy#2 "Yeah man. Luckiest guy in the whole fucking school."
by AspiringChefJJ November 17, 2013
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