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The ultimate expression of living the fast life.

Experiencing culture, art, sex and adventure through the access of wealth.

Traveling throughout the world in a smooth, sleek and fast moving faction, hence like a Swordfish.

Taking big money from banks through loopholes like Gabriel in the movie Swordfish
I bought a six-stop travel ticket to go Swordfishin' 'round the world.

We went to Intermezzo's and bought ALL 108 slices of desserts they had on the menu. We ate luxury desserts for a month, froze or gave away the rest. We were straight swordfishin' that night.

We rented hot air balloons, had a race over lake lanier then ate a rooftop lobster, shrimp and champagne tower dinner Picked up a limo truck and 5 girls then went club hopping to 3 night clubs and a strip club. We ended at a floor suite at the 'W' on 14th, ordered 20 shots of Patron silver and a whole chocolate cake with ice cream from room service, then passed out thinking "Damn i've been Swordfishin' all day!"
by Yari Olaf August 09, 2011
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