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ALL nouns can be categorized as 'Swoophy' or pertaining 'Swooph'. To be 'Swoophy' your "Mojo must be Goofy" If your Mojo is not Goofy, you have no 'Swooph'. If you have no 'Mojo' whatsoever, then you most likely have "Swag". Lame. If you have a "Goofy Mojo" you are special, and you are entitled to claim yourself 'Swoophy'
Instead of saying 'swag' after everything, say Swooph.

Austin Powers is Swoophy
Bill Clinton is Swoophy
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are Swoophy
Johnny Tsunami is Swoophy
The Rugrats are Swoophy
Pablo Picasso is Swoophy
Casey Anthony is Swoophy.. just kidding fuck that bitch NO swooph.

If you're outgoing and can talk to anyone, you're probably swoophy.

"I just woke up in my Polo Pj's feeling extra swoophy!"

"Oh my Gosh, Oh my Gosh, Based God, you are so Swoophy"

"I just got her number by using rap lyrics as a pickup line, pure swoophy"

Bird Of Swooph-Peacock
by Pauly Polo August 01, 2011
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