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(adj) Drunk and sketchy, often disappearing with little or no explanation. A person cannot be faulted for being swonky, but they must recognize by at least the next morning that they were acting in a swonky manner.
Ex: "Quit being such a swonky, crusty-ass skank. You disappeared on me!" "Sorry, I know I was swonky..."
by swonkygirl March 30, 2011
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mix of the words "SWANKY" and "WONKY" . Swanky meaning: awesome!cool!dope!glamourous! Wonky meaning: weird!strange!crazy!trippy!
Oh sh*t this tune is swonky!

Hey man, Stay Swonky! B)
I don't know, after that LSD trip , everything seems SWONKY af!
by edmdictionary October 31, 2017
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