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In the new world, the "Swollasfucksaurus Rex" is the individual in the community with the highest rank, sometimes referred to as an "Alpha Male". Other animals in the same social group may exhibit submission or other symbolic signs of respect particular to their species towards the "Swollasfucksaurus Rex".
A "Swollasfucksaurus Rex" is given preference to be the first to eat, drink, party, and the first to mate; among some species they are the only animals in the pack allowed to mate. Other animals in the community are usually killed or ousted if they violate this rule.
The term "Swollasfucksaurus Rex" is sometimes applied to humans to refer to a man who is beyond powerful through his courage and a competitive, goal-driven, "take charge" attitude. With their bold approach and confidence, "Swollasfucksaurus Rex" are often described as charismatic and are often overachievers and recognized for their leadership qualities. Their aggressive tactics and competitiveness can also lead to resentment by others. (Haters gotta hate.)
The status of the "Swollasfucksaurus Rex" is often achieved by means of superior physical strength. One does not choose to become a "Swollasfucksaurus Rex", he must be chosen by other superior "Swollasfucksaurus Rex". Once a man becomes a "Swollasfucksaurus Rex" his life will become a constant challenge to maintain his position in life. Luckily, this is known as breakfast for a "Swollasfucksaurus Rex"
I like this bar, I think I want to stop in for a drink, but I see a "Swollasfucksaurus Rex" on the hunt. I think I'll just watch from the sideline."
by Vaughn Van Matterhorn April 22, 2011
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