A very sweet person has an awesome personality and is also a username for video games. If you meet a sweetcandy in game or SweetCqndy say "HI" to them they are really sweet and will most likely respond with "Hi How's your day!" then they will probably friend you. ;0 I wish I was friends with a girl like her. She is really generous and caring, if your day is going down she will always make it better. If you feel like quit-ing just ask SweetCandy she'll make your day a lot better. <3 I wish a knew a SweetCandy she is one of a kind and if you call her she is the most beautiful girl you've ever seen. I have gotten in a call with her before and she looked so sweet and kind no wonder her name is SweetCandy. Her voice was so beautiful! <3 @SweetCandy I hope you read this! =)
Player123: "Hi SweetCandy!! <3"
SweetCqndy: "HI, hows your day?"
*they will probably have a conversation with each other for the next 10 mins and play a game together*

Player123: "I love SweetCandy's personality. She is so sweet! <3"
by FqreverLover April 05, 2018
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