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1. used to describe typically a good situation

2. used to emphasize a suprised reaction
1. "Ok you guys can leave work early!"
"sweet nuggets, work is doom today."

by kandu17s May 10, 2007
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Something that is wonderful, cool, awesome, etc.
That was so sweetnuggets when I won that award last week.


That beautiful woman wants me to go over to her place.
And your bro says,
"No way -- That's sweetnuggets!"
by Shay G February 12, 2010
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Example 1:
Guy 1: "Hey man, I just won the lottery and guess what? I'm buying you a roller coaster and 17 hookers."

Guy 2: "Sweet nuggets!"

Example 2:
"Hey sweet nugget, what's up?"
by Non-Affiliate December 10, 2009
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