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A term accompanied by a hand gesture used to point out a persons self-pride. Even the most obnoxious braggarts can be stifled with a well placed "Sweet Brag" The hand gesture looks like a rock and roll sign with the pinky and pointer fingers lowered significantly until they are pointing more forwards than upwards.
Braggart: Dude, I have like 20,000 friends on myspace which makes me way more popular than you

You: (Hand Gesture) "Sweet Brag"
by JordanBaker February 09, 2009
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A term also associated with a hand gesture used to indicate ones boastfullness or "bragging" characteristics. Usually mentioned when a person is being prideful about anything or things and stuff. Sometimes pronounced SLEET BWAG!
Dude 1: Hey dude I just bought a new boondoggle keychain.

Dude 2 (displaying a hand gesture reminiscent of a baby "rock on" sign): Sweet Brag.

by Jamie Dear January 30, 2009
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