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The act of cumming into a fan and splattering the whole room.
Dude, I gave Sandy a Swedish Leaf Blower last night and im still scrubbing it off the walls.
by Cbh1990 July 13, 2015
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A particularly painful sexual position involving any form of cider although traditionally pear kopparberg. Inserted, anally, position is generally performed from behind. Some people like to use a shoe horn to give leverage to the sphincter. Research suggests the practise began in ancient ireland, using guinness and a funnel made from sheepskin. Whilst traditionally favored by Catholic priests, in recent years the practise has become a cult phenomenon. More recently, the addition of ice cubes inserted analy prior to the cider has proven to be very popular in canada and other northern countries. Once the can has naturally made its way back out, the battery powered pump then has it blow and suck functions used alternatively until the anus returns to its regular size. The process is the repeated.
Placing an open can of cider up the rectum followed by a small working pump alternately used to blow, then suck until anus returns to normal. Repeat. This is the Swedish leafblower
by r1ck roll June 14, 2014
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