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A fat guy in gym who sucks at every sport but when somebody makes a mistake, can't serve, or doesn't hit the ball properly rolls his eyes and says very loudly in his fat-guy voice, "What was THAT!" or "Why would you just stand there?"
The person most likely to have a ball aimed at his head. Most often raped by his father during early childhood. His mother never loved him. See also plink ball hog
Victoria tries to serve the volleyball, tries her best, and it lands just in front of the net. Bret, who happens to be a Sweaty Shitbag, moans to his boyfriend, Dimitri, also a Sweaty Shitbag, and then they guffaw, miss many more balls, and after class go have sex in the locker room.
by Laura (ARSON!) March 05, 2008
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