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A kiddo with literally 69 subscribers on YouTube. He's often depressed, having to often do schoolwork on a daily basis. In the ChloeGames discord server, he's a very active user, and usually chats about different things.

Swarmzeku began his channel on January 28, 2017, under the username "SwarmX Dartz". He actually uploaded a few videos, before deleting all of them, which explains why his first video is from March. I don't need to explain this, as the majority of his history is seen on the old SwarmX Dartz Wiki page, which was originally linked to Swarmzeku's YouTube Channel, before being replaced with the newer Swarmzeku Wiki page, from Fandom. His activity on YouTube has seen lesser uploads, but he has been seen being active in comment sections on Gacha stories and his friends' videos, too.

He has 3 (now 2) Geometry dash accounts, with Swarmskii being his main for mobile, Firebat97 (which is named after the osu! player Angelsim or firebat92) being his main for PC and also for hacks, and Whitezi being his abandoned hack account.

i can't type more frickfd
1. Hey mate, who was that kid with 69 subscribers again?


2. This Swarmzeku kiddo is so cringy.

I know, I am.
by Surono419CH December 29, 2018
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