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The most delicious substance on the face of the earth, a beer only rivalled in deliciousness by Emu Export. Swan Draught is best enjoyed ice cold on tap served by the jug. It is a very popular beverage amongst university students, who will often be observed at any time of the day sitting back at the Tav, gazing wistfully out over the majestic Matilda Bay to the Swan River, enjoying a sneaky jug of swanny d rather than attending class.

Note: while many will claim that Emu Export is more delicious, they are actually simply confusing two complimentary beverages as rivals, for each heavenly nectar fulfils its own very special niche in this great hot state, 'sport is best served warm straight from the carton in the boot of a car or the tray of ones utility vehicle. Swan Draught on the other hand is the refreshment that awaits you at the oasis that is a pub awaiting you after a long drive on a hot western australian day.
"I'll have a jug of Swanny D thanks." - UWA student at 11am on a weekday
by unclemikey March 25, 2014
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