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The sight of seeing SFC. Orville P. Snorkle in sneakers, which he hardly ever wears. He was recently seen in sneakers on October 7, 2011 getting ready to play tennis with Pvt. Beetle Bailey. Swampy Sneaks are very hard to spot but Sarge, as he is known, is the most frequent wearer of them. The other guys don't often wear them. If you want to see something sweet, catch Sgt. Snorkle in his Swampy Sneaks!
Orville: Hey Stainy, how about some tennis? I got my Swampy Sneak!

Stainy: You're on! Bet I'll beat you. Nothing beats a good game of tennis. Sweet Jesus!

Orville: (he lifts his foot up to show Stainy the sneaker) Check this out, size 15! Great traction, comfy as all get out! These babies make me the king of the swamp.

Stainy: (yelling) Hold on, wait till you see mine. I drew a picture of Mary on these. Sweet! (they start playing tennis)

Orville: Well, that's 15-Love. I'm ready for you anytime, night or day! (they start chasing each other back and forth hitting the tennis ball)

Stainy: Match point! Look out, I'm gonna get this. (he hits the ball so hard it gets Orville on the foot) Take that! Right on the Swampy Sneak.

Orville: Good one! You beat me, I admit it. But, aren't these Swampy Sneaks fun to wear? Pretty snazzy, huh?
by Dusty's Baby Powder October 13, 2011
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