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A date between Martha Halftrack and Bryant Hollifield. Held unbeknownst to her husband, Amos. Its very sneaky; the other soldiers don't know they're doing it. But Amos finds out everytime.
Marty: Hey, how about a Swampy Romp tonight? We'll sneak around and the boys won't even know.

Bryant: Great! I bet Papa Amos will be mad as a hornet.

Marty: Knowing him he probably will. He'll probably make us do a PT workout. But, hey, its just us. Nobody else.

Bryant: But what if he saw? Would he tell? Would I get thrown off base?

Amos: (hearing Bryant) No. We would never throw you off the base. Not here at Camp Swampy, anyway. Remember, I'm your Papa Amos. And I love you.

Marty: Yeah, and I'm your Grandma Marty. You can't forget that! We always have these little dates. So we're always rompin' around the Swamp.

Bryant: We'll romp around the Swamp tonight. We'll romp around it 'till broad daylight. We're gonna romp, gonna romp, gonna romp around tonight. Its a Swampy Romp!
by Dusty's Baby Powder August 03, 2011
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