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A person that is the best at a certain thing. Often a roll model for others and almost always the coolest person in a room at any one time. All normal Daddy’s will look up to the SwampDaddy and will have a great amount of respect for him even if they dont like him as a person.

SwampDaddy’s are most often found either drinking, at a gym, playing sports, or just being great. They do activities like that so they can assert their dominance of the normal Daddy’s and often do whatever they can to do just that.

Think of a SwampDaddy as the top of a food chain (the lion of the concrete jungle).
Jack: Damn, Chris is really good and basketball.
Dean: Yea, he’s the SwampDaddy of this court bro.
Jack: Wow he’s the coolest.
by 5wampDaddy September 28, 2018
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A person who wears wife beaters with grease stains, smokes and drinks all day. Also breeds teacup alligators.
Ashlie smoked her weed and drank beer all day like a swamp daddy .
by AmoneyNdaHouse March 11, 2017
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A man hailing from the swamps of the gulf coast region. A pimp by nature. One cool character. Keeps his pimp hand strong by keeping all his swamp hoe's and swamp baby mama's in check. His modo "Keep calm and swag on"
Person: that dude is one coolcat.
Person: Yeah he is a real Swamp Daddy!
by Eagleheart1981 December 23, 2014
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