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Term used to describe an extremely desperate, single college or high school student, looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend.

One who becomes obsessed with/stalks (primarily through Facebook), anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest in them.

Their "swamping" actions often lead to feelings of discomfort and fear in their desired target, similar to a tiger chasing its prey in the wild.

"Swamp Tigers" are completely oblivious to their prey's feelings of discomfort and fear, thus they exponentially try harder and harder each day, with less and less success.
Example 1:

JEFF: "Dude, this guy at the bar was so drunk and started hitting on Jen. The next day she was on Facebook looking up his profile, going through his pictures and checking out his events to see where he'd be on Saturday nights. It's been over a year and a half now and she's still trying to get him!!"

JOE: "Man! What a freaking swamp tiger!"

Example 2:

Michelle: "Hey Julie, did you know Greg was going to Cuba for spring break too?"

Julie: "Yah, Jen told me that she looked up tickets for him online, but I think Greg's staying in another city."

Michelle: "Yah, but she's going to go out of her way to see him there. She's gonna swamp his ass!"

Julie: "Isn't he going with his girlfriend??"

Michelle: "Yah, but that ain't stopping her. Jen's a freaking swamp tiger! She's gonna pounce on him the second his girlfriend looks away."
by OMMO February 25, 2008
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Beastly tigers found in the swamps of "Southern" Africa and can also be seen roaming, gangbanging and living in dark alleys of poor areas in metropolitan cities of the US and Africa. WARNING: Swamptigers can be trigger happy thieves who are hard to understand, uneducated, and have a huge appetite for fried chicken.
1. Goddamn, that stupid swamp tiger was really fuckn' stupid. He lost half his hand trying to eat that family size bucket of KFC.
2.I think all the swamp tigers should be captured and sent back to Africa.
3. "I bee me a swaap toeger." "E drrr." "I is uh jon shot yah if yah don gives me the money in da regista."
by Dirty Little Beast January 11, 2007
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