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When a male uses his swag (which is never anything special or abnormally impressive for a guy his age: minimum wage job, beat up car from the mid 90's, clothes he bought at a discount price from the Hot Topic he works at) to attract underage girls who are not used to boys their age having such things. He does this out of desperation; ladies his age find his advances hilarious and sad.

He will often and mainly use Facebook, Twitter, or any form of social networking where young and impressionable minors are prominent. He will also target girls who are a bit out of date and or cliche; scene girls and leftover Myspace whores are always messaged first.
Creeper 1: Yeah man, you didn't hear? He took TWO fifteen year olds to the movies at the same time. That's pretty pimp of him.

Creeper 2: Wow, that's pimp of him. They must be impressed by his discount Louis V gear. Definitely a case of Swagutory Rape going on there.
by K. Cobra November 08, 2011
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