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Similar to the chemical substances testosterone and estrogen, the release of this invisible, yet very real hormone, makes a human female completely irresistible and alluring. Released only rarely, swagmones make a female more confident, sexy, and almost intimidating to the opposite sex due to the amount of swag radiating from her. Her dance moves are sexier, her lips are plumper, and her booty has never been tighter. During a period of random release, it is scientifically proven that men will have immediate, long lasting erections, buy more drinks, and follow the female around like a lost puppy.
Today my hot coworker slipped me his number, I got asked on a date on the subway, and my ex slam-piece texted me that he misses me. Girl, my swagmones are out of control!
by DowntownBrowntown September 13, 2013
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