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The vernacular (slang) of our generation (everyone who reads UrbanDictionary) . The ability to use and the variance of specific words between social circles characterizes and to a degree, segregates groups of individuals. On a universal scale, people who are "with it" can at a minimum understand Swagili, but only the "cool kids" can speak it with confidence.
Mikey P: Yo waddup brah what's good over at ya spot when can I slide with the birds and the loud
Mikey's boy: yo dawg right after my main rides, we lampin

Mikey P (at 7/11 buying Backwoods): yo my nigga lemme get a pack a woods some flame and a three pack of straps

Babu: I am from Pakistan!, I am not African! I cannot pack any forest for you and I am not gonna set it on fire! What is straps!?
Mikey P: Maaaaaann straps! You know the thots dawg, they thirsty so we gotta be strapped up for when it's going down man
Babu: What are you saying! This is not English!

Mikey P: Maan you aint speak the dialect? its Swagili!
by dirtyharry19 July 10, 2016
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