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A group of socially challenged people who walk around in a big pact. Mostly walking around shopping centres shouting "bollocks!" These are the retarded swaggyfags. Then the leaders, the best, are the bosses, most likely to be called Kate and Deven. Then there are the rejects of the Swaggyfags who tend to walk around shouting words like;

"Boggy!", "osso", "celub","Reginald Matty", "yes sir!"

Then there tends to be other mongs who stand around and talk about pointless shit. Meanwhile there is one (a more sensible kind) who tends to be called somthing like 'Callum' who doesn't say much retarded words, but tends to lash out and have random flash dances in corridors, mostly India dancing.
"OH my gum Samantha! Look!"

"They must be the Swaggyfags...."
by Swaggyfag21 February 07, 2013
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