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Swaggy P A Real Ass Nigga From The Projects Of 2 Rose Park He Gets All The Bitches, He's Sexy, And He Gets Fly.
Swaggggy or SwaggyDaDemon or SwaggyP
by SwaggyP The Rapper June 19, 2017
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Swaggy Ps are normally homosexual . People whom refer to themselves as Swaggy P are also OVER confident and cocky. But they do have pretty great hair...
"Do you know Swaggy P"
"You mean that dude with great hair?"
"Yup. That's the one"
by summertime sadness April 07, 2015
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Swaggy P has a lot of definitions. Such include: “bet”, “ok”, “that’s clutch”, or even “good job” or “great”
“Yo can you do me a huge favor
“Yeah I got you
“Swaggy P, thanks man
by Ochaat October 17, 2018
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