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Swaggleberries means whatever you want it to. It can be a noun, verb, or adjective. As a noun, It is either swaggleberrie or swaggleberries. As a verb, it is eitherswaggleberrie, swaggleberrieing, or swaggleberried. And so on with the Adjectives. It is often used when as an excuse when none other can be thought of, when not wanting to tell someone something, when you don't know the answer, or just used as a way to reply to something
The swaggleberrie(noun) swaggleberried(verb) the swaggleberrie(adjective) swaggleberries(noun).
In other words:
The dog buried the hard bones.

Mom: What where you doing last night?
Son: Swagleberries

Dad: Who where you with at the movies?
Daughter: Swaggleberries

Friend 1: Wanna go to the mall?
Friend 2: And do what?
Friend 1: Idk. Swaggleberries

Teacher: What is 2+2?
Student: Swaggleberries

Friend 1: I just got some mangoes.
Friend 2: Swaggleberries

Boss: Why are you late?
Employee: Cuz swaggleberries
by Swaggleberries August 05, 2016
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