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When one's swagger (style) is too much for another person to handle, resulting in the person with swagger, punching whoever isn't fronting the same amount of swagger. Or as an alternative, a steezing swaggerist can walk past someone who isn't no where near on the same level as swagger as them and can call out "swagger-bang"


1. Swagger-banger has to be confirmed on he or she's swagger before the action of a swagger-bang.

2. Don't do it if your a not fresh or a beg.

Created by MC ELLs & MC Chubzy®
"Yo G, your threads are banging" "Yeah man, I agree your garms are fresh" "Mate, you be steezing"

*punches person with less swagger in the arm* "SWAGGER-BANG"

"Although that hurt like hell, I kneel before thee, for thy's swagger is too tight for a mere mortal like myself to handle"
by Some fresh d00d. October 01, 2009
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