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1. A man of Caucasian ethnicity, who far exceeds all blacks in the area of swag, while still being respected and looked up to by his fellow men.

2. The king of all swagger. No other predator can match his swag.

3. Swagger so high and mighty, only he can be compared to a king or royalty. Not even the king of the jungle, the lion, has as much swagger as this mean swag machine.

4. Only man capable of performing the "alligator"!

(Def. - When a man quickly slips his package into a chick, and then wraps his arms and legs around the female and says "I've got AIDS" and then proceeds to roll around, while she trys to fight him off in a state of ecstasy)
>Dude - Man! There's so many super fine dimes in this place, but I'm bouncin out bud!

>>Friend - WTF! Why? Check out the rack over there!!
>>>Dude - Our swag is useless out there. There's a friggen swaggasaurusrexodile over there! Once he gets hold of one nice rack, they all become his prey. I'm not taking no sloppy seconds tonight son...You ever seen what a crocodile can do to a nice rack?!

>The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, learned a hard lesson...People belong in swimming pools. But on land he was a straight up Swaggasaurusrexodile!

>That girl last night wearin the cameltoed sweatpants, muffin-topped lard innertube hammock spaghetti strap tee with damn apeish canadian bacon nipples cuttin through, was such a crocodillahippohydroheffapig with lemony juicy assorted catfish burritos that commit matricide at least 5 times in a row at 43 minute intervals while the sex couch grows tall on Wednesdays and the rain is deep purple in Antarctica when the temprature is 5° below your sisters duck butter, it was totally unreal!!!!! Even a Swaggasaurusrexodile wouldnt prey on that fuglunt!
by 33Hollywood33 May 03, 2010
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