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An ostentacious personal representation of self that has surpassed all regular limits and parameters of acceptable swag....pretentious or conspicuous swagger to the point of

severe extravagant opulence.

(if you do not understand some of the words within this definition, then NO ~ you don't possess it in any way shape or form, but thanks for playing)
" The brotha got so much swaggadocio that he could come in here with nothin on but a smile with last weeks dirty drawz and every woman in the room would still be bending over backwards to kiss his ass!"
by Bettahedthanurgirlgivz August 20, 2011
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Swag + braggadocios

Pretty much the coolest word ever.
It's somebody who brags about their swag!
"Ugh... Devonte won't stop bragging about his swag..."
"Bro, I know. He's Swaggadocios".
by thatinsomniacguy13 July 17, 2013
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