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The ultimate person, having just enough swag, sass, and can be called a boss and a beast. They are omnipotent, and can completely eradicate fools they see in the way. They cannot be destroyed, nor beat at anything. They can be deemed godly by some, and are worthy of the most respect. They are the creators and destroyers- and they are to be respected, no matter what!
Me: I am boss!
Friend: Swagsazzbossbeast!
Me: Wait, what?
Friend: Dude, they are like... godly.
God: I am swagsazzbossbeast!
Friend: Oh my god, it's a swagsazzbossbeast!
Me: What? Why did god take off my roof?!
Me: Alright, I am gonna let this slide...
Guy Reading This: Man, that guy must have ADHD...
by Words o' Death March 14, 2015
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