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Obese semi-human creature that lived on Ridgeway Rd. in East Tennessee. The Swaddley Ho is a pathological liar who attempts to make himself look cool but only succeeds in making itself look like a complete and total idiot. The Swaddley Ho is known to eat anything that crosses its path, including but not limited to small children and helpless elderly.Last know whereabouts of the Swaddley Ho was next door to the infamous Cap'n Sipher. Can be identified by the bragging of his little league batting average of over 1.000. The Swaddley Ho suffered numerous attacks by the "midnight bombings" of a group of vigilantie young kids who killed grass in his yard spelling "FAT" and filling his air conditioner with human urine.
Oh no, here comes the Swaddley Ho feeding on beef tripe and homosexual black penises.
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