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An altered state of mind where the desire for sushi overwhelms all stimuli. The fog elevates one to a happy drowsy place where the only way to come back down is to give in to one's urge for sushi. Often precludes an all-you-can-eat sushi event and will peak after the meal only to slowly dissipate after.

If you suffer from the sushi fog and neglect to remedy the situation, excessive grumpiness, depression, negativity, aggressivity, despair and pain will follow.
As friends enter Odaki sushi.
"Sylvie, where is your bag?"
"My bag? Myyy bag? Ohhh my bag! I don't know."
Sylvie, under the influence of the sushi fog, walks in a trance out to the street wondering where she left it.
by Mistress of Biochemistry February 03, 2010
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