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A male or female survivalist who has mastered the art of survival through personal actual and prolonged adverse experience. And, in addition, has communicated such adverse experience through the written word for the enlightenment of others. Such experience may be (but not limited to) economic adversity; medical adversity; Accidental calamaty and so on.
1) A person, through no fault of his/her own is made homeless and unemployed describes how he/she ovecame this adversity for the enlightment of others, he/she tells what would be done differently if it was done all over again.That's a SurvivalAce 2) A person who is lost in the woods for several weeks describes how he/she survived and tells what he/she would prepare differently if it had to be done all over again. That's a SurvivalAce
by SurvivalAce August 19, 2011
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