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Sursham is a very rare surname owned by very few.

A Sursham is a person that works hard and plays by the rules most of the time, but when something is wrong they will stand up and make themselves herd. A Sursham will surround themself with a select group of friends and is able to tell a tale about a time they've shared. There main feature is their charm, which is known as the "Sursham Charm". The "Sursham Charm" is the ability to say the right words at the right time, the right way.

They aren't always the best looking out of the crowd but their charm and confidence makes them stand out.
A conversation;
"That guy is so cool he must be a Sursham"
"Yeah he's got that charm and confidence, he must be"

To a girlfriend; "I was going to play on my PS3 but i could barley see the screen am that tired, so i decided get comfy in bed, put my ipod on and txt the girl thats been in my mind all day"
by Squash-22- July 27, 2009
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