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Surjo is the Bengali word for the Sun.
Surjo is a very handsome guy who is taller than average with a great body frame and beautiful tan skin as if kissed by the sun. His smile is innocent but yet provocative and strong. Surjo has a contagious laugh that comes from the gut. He's an intelligent person with great aspirations. He tends to be a bit superficial but also realistic and honest. He's filled with compliments and really gives off a nice subtle positive vibe. Surjo is a hard worker who keeps his eyes on the prize if it benefits himself. He know's how to treat a woman but won't settle for just anyone. His high standards tends to keep him lonely but he's fueled by desire to accomplish his long term goals. Surjo is kind-hearted and can be a lot more than he thinks he can but he just hasn't met the right people in life yet. It's nice to have him around.
by Genuinely Pure and Loved May 31, 2012
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