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Surcha is a dark minded person. Always putting herself down than bringing her spirits up. But, dont let her dark side decive you! She is really friendly and protective after you become her friend. A nice 'hello' or 'hey, how's your day been?' may just win her over and convince her you arent that bad! The only Surcha I have ever met has blonde curly hair and brown eyes. So I cant really decide if thats what Surchas actually look like. She laughs only when she finds something funny, she never fakes it. When in love.. Ohhh its a dangerous thing. She laughs more and smiles alot when in love. She is way nicer to her crush and enjoys them. When angry.. They seem to always be angry, but they really just have a {Rbf}. Not to offend anyone but, Its true! They're overly dramatic to some people, but give the best speeches. They give warm hugs and make you feel wanted. All in all, They're a great friend for years and years!!
Me: This is Surcha!

Surcha: *Stares intensely at person*

Person: Heh.. Let me go feed my lizard..

(Most like her, but some think she's crazy! Dont judge a book by it's cover though!)
by Madison14537 June 16, 2019
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