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Supnet is a word used to describe somebody who has a head that looks like it has been stuck inside a man's asshole for several years then taken out and had a fat old lady sit on their face for 10 years, during that 10 years she had stained on your face her period blood, explosive shit and cum. In the end a Supnet is somebody with a face looking almost like a wild Bornean orangutan but with a Proboscis monkey's nose. The person's dick size is the same as a little alfa monkey and is as bent as a light post.
"Bro look at this kid, he has a rather supnety looking face!"
"Yeh, you know what that means?!?!?"
"Oh yes I do! He has a small dick that is as bent as a light post"
by Caroline M8 June 14, 2018
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