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Someone who is the best at EVERY single thing in life with minimal effort. He's the best at videogames, pwning people as soon as he picks up the controller. No matter if he played it or not. He is also the best at school, getting straight A's very easily with little work done. He only has to be good at what he want's to be good at, but whatever he wants to be good at, he excels at. He has a rainbow of trix up his sleeve and will be able to apply those tricks to any aspect of life he so chooses from women, to work, to education. They call him superplaya.
I just beat my friend in chess. Iv'e never played chess before but my friends a grandmaster. I'm a superplaya

I just aced a test today in chemistry and never studied. WIN!
by They call me Superplaya January 02, 2011
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