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A word created by the immaculate, Prince, in 1987 during his 'The Black Album' era. Superfunkycalifragisexy is a heightened feeling of excitement, adrenaline and lust. Likely a feeling one gets, under the influence of alcohol or a drug. Should not be used regularly (unless you MAD funky, or can REALLY work it), for it is RETRO SLANG.

FYI: The word is NOT originated by skeez-jackin' Fergie. Who stole this word, and just left out the word, 'funky', thinkin no one would notice her wack unoriginal ass.
"Man, that party was happenin! My feet never touched the ground! I'm feelin' superfunkycalifragisexy!"
by Yazminduzit June 18, 2009
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