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A person who does something only for sake of appearance, and keeps a piece of evidence to create or imply a false narrative.

Taking credit for actions that were not genuinely performed is a common type of narcissistic behaviour that is both superficial and self-aggrandizing. In the age of social media and selfies, such behaviour has become rampant.
I can't believe how superficticial those tourists were. They wore hiking attire and took photos in front of the mountain, but made no attempt to climb it.

She is so superficticial that she had the nerve to show up only at the end of the project and still posed for a group photo as if she had done as much as the rest of us.

She is such a neglectful mother but takes one photo each day of her child smiling to make it seem like she is a good parent. I hope her child doesn't grow up to be so superficticial.
by Impossibilia December 27, 2017
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