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Supercalifragilisticexpiencephalitis (or SCFE Encephalitis for short) is an acute inflammation of the brain caused by ingesting large spoonfuls of sugar (ie. in your coffee or milk, perhaps in your tea). Symptoms include loss of appetite (probably from being full of sugar), headache from humming Um-diddle-diddle-um-diddleye, fever, confusion, drowsiness, and fatigue caused by crashing down from your sugar rush. More advanced and serious symptoms include seizures or convulsions, tremors, hallucinations of objects attached to umbrellas- floating through the air, and memory problems.

Treatment is usually symptomatic. Corticosteroids (e.g., marypopnisolone) are used to reduce brain swelling and inflammation. Sedatives may be needed for irritability or restlessness. Use caution and make sure all sedatives are sugar-free, or you will prolong the swelling.
"Mary developed Supercalifragilisticexpiencephalitis after she and a friend ingested large spoonfuls of sugar to help her other medicine go down. Her friend Dick had to calm her down as she swore up and down she saw a woman floating through the air with an umbrella. He insisted she must be hallucinating. She ignored him and kept humming Um-diddle-diddle-um-diddleye. Dick sought medical professionals immediately, but was quiet about announcing his fear of her diagnosis aloud, as he didn't want to sound precocious. The hospital employees were grateful and exclaimed he was a clever gent."

"Jane thought she was hallucinating after swallowing a spoonful of sugar. She could have swore she just saw Mary Poppins. She went to the doctor who told her that her brain was swollen, and she was suffering from SCFE Encephalitis."
by DangerouslySimple September 07, 2013
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