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Cinnamontoastken's fiance. "Professional" cosplayer even though she buys 90% of her outfits and accessories. She gained popularity through her fake tits and pretending to care about issues like feminism, body posi, animals, etc. She likes to lie to her fans and bully them through a passive aggressive style even though she hates bullying. All around as fake as they get and most likely has an eating disorder.
Someone: "Hey, have you heard about SuperMaryFace?"
Someone else: "Oh yeah, you hear that lie of hers?"
Someone: "Which one? The one where she lied about her nudes and claimed child pornography because she said it was her face photoshopped onto a 15 year olds body and she almost ruined a photographers career because she was too insecure about her pre-boobjob tits to admit those nudes were hers?"
Someone else: "No not that one, the one where she claimed that she was being harassed and sent death threats from an email and after her fans investigated the username they realized it never existed and Mary made it all up for attention."
Someone: "Oh yeah, that was fucked up."
by nohbdynohwon June 30, 2016
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SuperMaryFace is an Australian Youtuber known for unboxing videos and cosplay tutorials as well as her vlogs. She and Ken used to have a vlogging channel called "Ken and Mary" but haven't uploaded anything recently. She is Very Beautiful and girlfriend of former youtuber cinnamontoastken aka her fiance. She has a growing channel and started YouTube once she started living with Ken as she moved from Australia to America, currently living in Mississippi. She is extremely animal friendly and loves all kind of animals. She has two dogs, betty and Jackie and a snake named Ben. She used to have two rats but sadly leave them behind. She is known for cosplaying and modeling and is very loving and friendly person to her fans and people around her. Her videos are definitely worth watching ❤
Me: Have you seen SuperMaryFaces new video?
Person: Uhhh the really beautiful Australian girl!?! Who does cosplay?
Me: Yes! I wish I could look like her !
by NaNa1099 November 10, 2015
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