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A variation of the beloved child's game "Super Smash Brothers."
1. A multiplayer game is set up with at least 2 humans and 2 computers (all four players must be active regardless of the number of human players).
2. The hit damage ratio must be set at it's highest point (200% for N64 and 2.0 for Game Cube).
3. All computer players must be randomly selected and set at level 9.0 (highest level).
4. The level must be randomly chosen.
5. Set the game mode to STOCK and choose 99 lives.
6. Every time your character loses a life (suicides included) you must take a sip of your beer (minimum 1 oz).
7. If the crowd (in the game) chants the name of your opponent, drink for 5 seconds.
8. No pausing ever! This includes getting fresh beer and bathroom breaks.
9. If you get knocked out first, you must finish every open beer on the table (or floor or wherever they are).
10. If the computer wins, everyone must chug a full beer immediately with no hesitation and no stalling. Any stalling results in a full beer penalty and a shunning from the next game.
Evil: "Dude, what you up to tonight?"
Launch: "Nothing, sitting around."
Evil: "Let's call Jefe and Gregg and play Super Trash
Launch: "You are truly evil... let's do it."
Evil: "I love Super Trash Brothers."
by Launchpad McHardcore November 03, 2006
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