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A Mormon (LDS member) that puts their entire life and 110% effort fully into their religion. Super Mormons may include people that:
- Read and quote the scriptures all the time
- Enjoy church videos of all kinds
- Go to seminary all year without one absense
- Raise their hands to answer every LDS question
- Know everything about the church
- Hold high positions in the church
- Do not watch PG-13 movies
- Listen to church and classical music only

Overall, someone obsessed beyond thought with the Mormon religion. These people are commonly stereotyped at.
Frank: Hey Bob, how's it going? You have any lunch money I can borrow?
Bob: Yeah sure, just a sec...
(SM)Henry: Remember the 10th commandment, thou shalt not covet!

Teacher: OK, who can tell me what is in 1 Nephi, 7: 6?
Steve: (immitiadely says) "And it came to pass that as we journeyed in the wilderness, behold Laman and Lemuel, and two of the adaughters of Ishmael, and the two bsons of Ishmael and..." (continues through rest of quote)
by shutupdangit May 15, 2004
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The actual name for the "creaures" called "vampires" in the movie Twilight.

They have a VERY basic similarity with classic vampires, but due to their EXTREME deviation in abilities and weaknesses, they really have no reason at all to be called "vampires".
Prepubescent Girl: OMG I love the vampires in Twilight!

Older Brother: STFU those aren't vampires, they're Super-Mormons! Vampires are actualy cool, Super-Mormons are just gay.
by crazybucketr June 04, 2009
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