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From Code Monkeys, Episode 8, production 108 titled "IPO" first aired on August 29, 2007. Retard Son of Boss Larrity, DEAN, tries to convince a market analyst from Wall Street that he is in fact not just the supervisor, but a programmer that is working on the hottest title. Super Mega Bro, Bro. "Its about this guy from a Frat house, who gets powerful drinking brews and banging chicks. And his name is Dean, and he bangs tons of chicks, and then one day, this skank calls the cops, but ah its cool because his bros are cool, and then his dad gives the DA some cash, so then they throw a kegger to celebrate. Its so "Dude, What's up?" "Another kegger, of course!"
If someone says something retarded (like a dumb jock making some sub-retard utterance), one can utter "Super Mega Bro Bro," to best illustrate a dimwit attempting to be smart.
by Mick Russom June 29, 2008
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